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Amsterdam call girls erotic story

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Well, it happened once that I talked with some Amsterdam call girls how is life there. An Amsterdam call girls can have easier life than in many European countries, as prostitution is under legal circumstances in the capital of the Netherlands. I’ve heard from Amsterdam escorts that because of this the work sometimes can be hard, as sex can be cheap and there are many girls there. Some students are working legally and pay taxes as any other workers just to pay their school.  The older girls who are there for many years, it’s harder to find clients sometimes. Anyway, I gave a chance to the city with my escort agency, which had the chance to send Amsterdam call girls for high class works. To be honest one goal was to be an escort in Amsterdam to make money, the other was to make a sightseeing as this was one of the dream cities on my wish list. I’ve heard a lot of interesting things about Amsterdam, and the girls have told me there were a lot of things to see.

Amsterdam call girls and the city life

Well, of course there are many possibilites for the tourist. First of all the Amsterdam escorts mentioned me that the Dam, the main square of the city is one of the nicest place for tourist, and they like to go there as well. The canals of Amsterdam are exceptional, not to mention the Leidse Square, which for me as a young escort girl with it’s vibrating nightlife is something that I have to see. Some other places like the Rembrandt Square, Vondelpark and Waterlooplein Markt as it was written on the Internet sounded cool and all my friends, the Amsterdam call girls have told me to take the time, and stay one or two days extra minimum just to look around if I decided anyway to be an escort in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam call girls and the red light district

Of course the biggest and most interesting place for every Amsterdam escort girls was the red light disctrict, the legal European zone of prostitution. With girls behind the windows, coffeeshops and peep shows around it’s an area that normal tourists want to see as well. Something special even for Amsterdam call girls who are there for different kind of works. I was sure that I’m going to take a walk there to see how is it going there and to see other Amsterdam escorts under incognito. I planned to work in a hotel there through my agency.

Amsterdam call girls have fun

Well the day of my tour came and I arrived to the hotel very early. I decided to go out for a walk in the city, as I wanted to use my time wisely. I went for a little sightseeing, and in the evening I planned a walk to the red light disctrict. The time went fast, I made some photos from the most important places, and in the evening I took a walk and watched how my „collegues” were working. It was really an exceptional place, I’ve never seen such an amazing place where girls could work legally and under such circumstances. To be honest I always preferred to work „behind the curtains” through my girlfriends and agencies, but it was a real sexual experience for me as well to look at those beautiful Amsterdam call girls showing their bodies through the windows, like in a normal clothes shop. The night came fast so I headed back to my room, I was ready to do the job I was here for as an escort in Amsterdam.

My guest were coming from the first day, so it was a really profitable tour as a call girl in Amsterdam. Amsterdam escorts usually have to „fight” for the client, but through my agency I was advertised for higher class clients for higher prices than usual call girls in Amsterdam. Anyway, my outfit and beauty is also good enough to be in the top 5%, so there was nothing to stop me to earn well among other Amsterdam call girls. My first clients arrived from the first working day, I had 5 clients for start. Usually these men were in rush, had a break in the office or had to be at home in time. Many of them were from abroad and from different nationalities. However this was the case among Amsterdam escorts as well, most of the Amsterdam call girls were from Eastern-Europe.

Amsterdam call girls can have luck with the clients

Well, I had a great fuck on my first day as an escort in Amsterdam. A guy, who was a body-builder came to visit me for an hour. He was a nice guy from Latin-America, with super big smile, dark brown hair and eyes, bronzing skin. He was taller than usually body-builders are, with great muscles, nice arms, chest and abdomain. As one of the Amsterdam call girls I was a happy to have a nice athletic boy as a client. He was also very cute, told me that he has no girlfriend and he found my picture on the Internet when his friends were looking some sites yesterday evening in a house party, and he fall in love with my picture. And he said he was very nervous that I was there in real, as I am the kind of woman he always wanted to have. Wowww, sooo nice compliments. I’ve already liked this guy a lot. He asked the normal things from me for an hour, but I decided to have some extra pleasure for myself so I went to have shower with him as well.

Amsterdam call girls can have pleasure as well

Well, his body was amazing. As an escort I had many sexual experiences but this guy made me so horny and wet immediately. Under the shower he was so scared that he barely touched me, I had to control the whole situation which I enjoyed a lot. I put his hands on my boobs, on my pussy, while I was playing with his dick. I felt that he was so scared and wanted to give me his best, like if he would be me as a sex worker. So I turned around and hug him, kissed his lips and told him „Relax baby, I want You” – while I was going down to kneele in front of him. I started to kiss his penis, I was rubbing it slowly and moved it deep in my mouth while my tongue was playing with the entrance of the penis and sometimes I licked his balls. I started to feel that something was moving at last after two minutes...

As I was sucking the cock like the best Amterdam call girls for this little cute Brazilian guy under the shower I became wet as well. He had a good sized penis, was still not hard as he was stressed from me but I felt soon it will be okay. I was amazed by the nice body of the guy and it was a pleasure to seduce him as his dream woman. Amsterdam escorts more likely to have normal, business men type clients, usually not the youngest and nicest ones, so I was lucky that this body builder guy chose me. I was rubbing his penis with one hand and suck his dick, while with the other I was playing with his balls and with my fingers I was playing with his anus. After a few minutes I started to put very-very slowly my finger into his asshole and fingered him a little. The guys started to groan loud and I felt his dick became rock hard in my mouth. „Yes baby, enjoy my mouth” – I’ve told him and sucked him more and more. I grabbed his muscular leg and just used my mouth while my finger was playing with his anus. He was holding my head with both hands and started to fuck my mouth like if it would be a pussy. I wanted to eat his cum, so I didn’t stop here.

Amsterdam call girls can have orgasm as well

I used again my hand and rubbed his dick faster and faster. The guy just couldn’t take it anymore and started to shout louder and louder while he was ejaculating. „I want your cum, I want to eat it” – I shouted before I finished him. I felt his cum on my tongue, hmm had a good taste, I sucked it like if it would be the best drink I ever had. I swallowed all his sperm and kissed and sucked for one or two minutes more untill he came back to the real world. „It’s time to go into the room” – I said with a big smile on my face. We went into the bedroom and I laid on the bed, my latin lover opened my legs and he started to lick my pussy. I don’t know if all Amsterdam call girls had this experience before but it was great to have such a nice man between my legs. He started to kiss, lick and eat my clit, using his fingers softly, just touching the surface. After a few minutes he was inside me with his hand and I asked him to use three fingers. Was great to feel it, but as he was the customer I’ve asked him what he wanted. He pleased me to let him finish, even if times goes by. Client’s wish is the most important for Amsterdam escorts so I let him to lick me more and more. After about ten minutes of intensive fingering and licking my body curved and I had a very big orgasm, I was moaning loud for about one and half minutes... I had a big smile on my face while looking down to my cute Brazilian boy. We still had time so it was my turn again...

We both had nice orgasms with my Brazilian cutie, I was the happiest Amsterdam escort girl for sure. It was my turn to make my client hard again, so I started to suck his dick. He was still soft but I had the perfect technique to make it rock hard again. I could feel his sperm, it was still coming out as I’ve started to suck his dick. I loved to feel the taste, I don’t know about other Amsterdam escorts but I love the sperm, I love men cum in my mouth, especially as I can have an extra price for that, hihi... So I was sucking his dick without using my hands, just sucked hard with my mouth. The guy started to groan which meant I did a good job, as it was not hard I could take it deep enough to lick his balls at the same time as well. I used my hands after one or two minutes and softly touched his balls and anus, which made his blood to come into his penis. Hmm, I started to feel as it became bigger and bigger, I still held it deep down in my throat when it was possible. I just loved to suck it like that to give pleasure.

After I made his cock hard again, he asked me to lay down and open my legs. He came over me with his muscular body and penetrated in my pussy with his dick. I felt that his dick became even longer, bigger and harder inside my wet and warm pussy. Hmmm Amsterdam call girls should have sometimes such a great client, as he started to move inside me I felt this gonna be a great fuck. He had a perfect sized penis for my pussy so I could enjoy every movement. He just moved and moved, faster and faster, my little escort pussy was punished, as Amsterdam call girls are bad and naughty I deserved to be fucked like that. After a few minutes the guy grabbed me and I had to sit on his dick, while my legs hugged his body. He was sitting as well, this was a romantic position so we could kiss and he could play with my tits. He ate my boobs, my nipples, one after another. I enjoyed this guy so much, I had such a client long ago. We changed position again as he wanted to fuck me in the doggy style.. He went so deep like this, moaning all the time while I made my pussy even tighter to make him pleasure. „You have so tight pussy, I need this, I love it...” – he said. I could feel how horny he was, the vessels were out on his body, he looked like a Greek statue from the old ages. We just fucked like two lovers until we both had to come. I started to have the orgasm before him and he came immediately as he felt me and heard my voice. After that we still had some time so we just kissed and laid next to each other like a couple, I felt a bit shamed that maybe this was the first and the last time that I’ve seen him. Anyway, I had another appointment soon so we dressed up and said goodbye.

The Amsterdam escort tour was over

I was one of the very proud Amsterdam call girls when I finished my luxury escort tour. High class escort tours are not that easy as they sound, but this went well thanks God. I’ve earned more than 4000 Euros, which was exceptionally good for a girl first time in a city.

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